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HK Rongchine was founded in 2011. Since then, we have been focusing on the management of filling, capping, labeling and packaging industry chain. We are an excellent resource integrator of filling and liquid packaging machinery and equipment in the industry. The products we provide include: cosmetics, washing products, food, daily chemical products and other production lines required for the whole line design, plant design, product machinery selection and commissioning, raw material procurement, packaging material design, etc.

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About Our Team

A Team of Passion and Professionalism
Each member of RONGCHINE shares the same value of the devotion to our profession.
Adhering to the benchmark of high professionalism for every project, we are dedicated to solving your challenges in all aspects effectively and enthusiastically.
Here we have a great team with inclusive combinations of marketing managers, technical engineers, production managers, quality control managers, and more.

RONGCHINE strives to create a culture that empowers a humble, creative, and independent workforce. We are passionate about our small business customers and believe that collaboration and creativity are powerful tools to help them make their dreams a reality.




About the Founder of RONGCHINE

Who Is David Qian?

I am the Founder of the RONGCHINE MACHINERY™.

The passion for automation runs deep in my blood otherwise I would not have done it for 12 years. My partner would say these 3 things about me: David Qian is a tough negotiator, a strong relationship builder and a tenacious profit finder.

Out of all people, how could I become the top supply chain professional in the nation?

When I first came to the Dubai, I had nothing and knew very little English. But in my mind, there was an un-compromising desire to be the best in everything I do. I put myself through agricultural school in Beijing. In Shanghai, I pursued the best-in-class trainings. MBA, CPIM, CSCP, Six Sigma Black Belt certifications are tough to get but are incredibly valuable for my automatic machine career.

Professionally, I only want to compete in the most demanding companies. Some are Fortune 500s, some are Hi-Techs, some are small businesses, but all of them are incredibly competitive in the field of automation, that is exactly where I excelled.

The experience I gained through 12 years of supplying are now condensed into RONGCHINE Machinery’s programs to serve more people. As I hold myself to the highest standard of honesty and integrity, I work hard to make sure RONGCHINE Machinery’s programs are the best-in-class. Otherwise, I will refuse to offer them to the world because my name is David Qian.

Qi Wang

Chairman of the Board

Qi Wang founded RONGCHINE with David Qian in 2011, boasting 12 years’ supply chain experience in filling industry. Grown up in a business family, young Qi Wang had foreseen the future of filling and packaging, and most importantly, the rapidly-changing needs of our customers. Therefore they spent years of effort in building their own factory as well as expanding the supply chain.

Under their guidance, LINGSHENG survives the fierce competition of filling and packaging industry. In their words – RONGCHINE’s value is to bring the best filling & packaging to global brands, and anything beyond to improve their brand value.

When it comes to being a leader in his field, he tackles it all from a position of humility. He enjoys helping those in the team “feel and look their best,” and is one of the most successful businessmen in China. For 12 years, has “blazed” the trail for the filling & packaging industry in. Today, his company, is the leading provider in the country.

He believes that by maintaining self-awareness of one’s true passion, no matter where your career takes you, you’ll be happy.

Finding joy in all that you do so you can enjoy life to the fullest is an overlap, and it should be. Take charge to direct your life on the path you’d like it to go.

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ADD: Unit C, 15/F, Hua chiao commercial centre, 678 nathan road, monkok, kowloon, HK
Contact Person:David Qian
Job Title:Director Manager

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