Detergent Production Line


  • The whole process is controlled by computer or PLC, high automatic.

  • Optional intelligent plant management software applicable to internet collects, transits, stores, statistics, and analyses real-time data making remote control and digitalized production management easy.

  • Optimized technology lowers running cost by cutting down consumption of water, electricity, and chemical material.

  • The design of complete line fully complies with regulation for food safety-quality by avoiding dead angle, dead-end, static liquid. thread connector, etc.

  • Extensively adopts adapter, manhole, valve, etc., to ensure the safety and easy maintenance.

  • Combination of mature technology and continuous innovation ensures stability and reliability.

  • Production Line
  • CAD configuration

Successful cases

With efficient cost control, we have found the right balance with our customers: diversified production range, high-class packaging forms. Meanwhile market competitivness has been improved because of the efficient operation mode of equipments. Rongchine Machine will provide the customzied beverage production line proposals for customers including bottle design, label design, etc, and the best proposal for beverage preparation, packaging system and also advertisement proposals, to help customers start the business and get the market easily.

Main Machine

Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Series
Filling Machine Series
Liquid Washing Homogenizing Mixer Series
Labeling Machine Series

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